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Do you schedule same-day pickups?

Sure! If you want a dumpster delivered in the morning and picked up in the evening, we can arrange that for you. However, you will need to give your account manager advance notice to arrange the pickup schedule.

What factors impact the price or rental cost of a dumpster?

In our experience, the two major factors that impact the rental cost of a dumpster in Chattanooga, TN, is the proximity of the landfill from where you live and what the landfill charges. Landfills in Chattanooga are, on average are cheaper than other major cities. However, some landfills are more expensive than others. Also, the further away a landfill is, the longer we need to drive to dump the contents of the bins. If you’re concerned about what a dumpster will cost, please feel free to contact us for a quote.

How to load the Value Roll Offs?

Ideally, all contents should fit nicely inside the container. You shouldn’t have anything sticking out from the top or hanging off the sides. If something can’t fit, bend or break it into smaller pieces. Overloading the dumpster and similar issues can delay pick up since it’s a significant challenge for our drivers and operators.

What is the best use of Value Roll Offs in Chattanooga?

They are best used for disposing of household waste and construction waste. For instance, the bins make it easier to discard drywall, tiles, shingles, and other debris if you are remodeling the home. However, if you’re spring cleaning the home, you can dispose of old tools, furniture like cabinets etc. So, as long as the waste isn’t classified as hazardous, it can be disposed of in our roll-off containers.

Can I rent more than one dumpster?

Larger projects will understandably require multiple dumpsters. If that’s the case, you can rent multiple dumpsters and have them delivered to various parts of the property. You can also rent dumpsters of varying sizes.

Do you pick up dumpsters automatically?

We don’t retrieve dumpsters automatically. You will need to call us to schedule a pickup at least a day prior to the rental period expiring. However, if you fail to call us for whatever reason, you will be charged for each extra day the dumpster is in your custody.

How to rent a dumpster?

It is easy to rent a dumpster. You can either call to book a dumpster and have it delivered. Alternatively, you can click here to fill out a short form to order a dumpster, a member of our team will then get in touch to finalize the order.

How many days can I rent your dumpster in Chattanooga?

You can rent a dumpster for as many as 14 days or even as few as a single day. Depending on where you are located and the current demand for dumpsters, you can get an extension. However, you will need to pay for each extra day beyond the initially stipulated period.